Brian Kurtz of Boardroom/Bottom Line on What 31 Years In The Trenches Teaches You About Marketing That Works

Brian Kurtz on What 31 Years In The Trenches Teaches You About Marketing That Works

Brian Kurtz on What 31 Years In The Trenches Teaches You About Marketing That Works

This is an instant “Hall of Fame” LIVE! with Roy interview.  You don’t have to be in direct marketing for long before you realize what a massive force Boardroom — now known as Bottom Line Publications — has been in the industry.  And for the last 31 years, Brian Kurtz has been in the thick of it.  First in the list department, then working his way up to the Grand Poobah of all things marketing.   (Or, Executive VP of Marketing, if you’re into boring titles!)

So what do you learn from 31 years in the trenches at one of the biggest, brightest, and most influential direct marketing businesses in the world?  And what does that teach you about marketing today — with all the new media and opportunities to reach out and connect with customers available to marketers?

You may be surprised at what you hear as you listen to this LIVE! with Roy interview with Bryan Kurtz — who history will inevitably look back on as one of the most influential direct marketers of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Listen and learn…

  • The dingy corner of the direct marketing business — sometimes spit on by highfalutin’ creatives — that can teach you more about how this biz works (and how to profit) than just about anywhere else
  • Why advertising awards are pointless — and the value in being an advertising snob (and why this lesson can actually screw with your results in some of today’s media)
  • The one thing Brian Kurtz did better than anyone else in the business — and what it teaches you about how to create massive success in the offline AND online “mail order” business
  • A weird “flag” potential customers are raising to tell you that they will respond to your marketing — even if they seem like they may not be your ideal target
  • The true story of the infomercial that boosted direct mail response rates — and how any marketer can use this trick for more profits, starting today
  • Why Boardroom hires the most expensive direct response copywriters on the planet — and considers it a bargain
  • What the Executive VP of Marketing at one of the world’s most successful direct response marketing companies — who make just about EVERY sale through marketing and marketing alone — thinks must be in every successful marketing piece
  • How to convert successful direct mail marketing for use on the internet — plus the big lesson that debunks common wisdom of internet marketing

Not only that, you’ll learn what marketing mediums Brian — one of the world’s most successful, most knowledgeable direct mail and direct response marketers — would use to start a business today.  (And the surprising avenues he would avoid!)  If you’re looking for the highest-probability of success in marketing today, you need to hear what he says.

You’ll hear it all on this LIVE! with Roy interview…

Brian Kurtz on What 31 Years In The Trenches Teaches You About Marketing That Works


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