Graham Jones on How Being an Internet Psychologist Will Grow Your Business

Graham Jones on How Being an Internet Psychologist Will Grow Your Business

Graham Jones on How Being an Internet Psychologist Will Grow Your Business

For this LIVE! with Roy Interview, we went international!  Graham Jones is a UK-based Internet Psychologist, speaker, author, and consultant.  He helps you generate more sales and profits through your website by understanding customer behavior.

What you need to understand, he says, if you want to be successful in your online marketing, is that the internet is not about psychology.  It’s about people.  It’s a human internet.  It’s about the actual users who are sitting down at their computer and visiting your website, social media page, or reading your emails.  Once you understand the people – who they are, what they want, and why they buy – the effectiveness of your internet-based selling efforts goes up.

What you’ll hear as you listen to this LIVE! with Roy interview are some surprisingly simple ways to think about your customer that will lead to better results from your marketing.

Listen and discover….

  • The personal touch – why your customer’s deepest need is to feel connected to you, from the word go.
  • Speed of “no” and how it can kill your website’s sales – when someone walks into a store, they will often give it minutes before they decide whether or not to buy; on your website, fractions of a second…  Here’s how to hook them fast.
  •  What the most successful internet marketers are doing to increase sales by increasing engagement – hint: this mirrors the retail experience of letting customers “touch” the merchandise before they buy it.
  • What customers want most when they engage with your company online.
  • Neuroscientist’s experiment proves the buyer’s decision making process – including the emotion-driven sale – is the exact same, online, offline, wherever…  (…  And what this means to you!)
  • What a clerk in a clothing store reveals about how to make your customers feel welcome (and increase their desire to buy) on your website.
  • Case studies: How to apply the lessons in internet psychology to your business (B2B, B2C – across a surprising swath of industries).
  • Big brands to watch on social media – and steal their strategies.
  • The secret of “purpose-driven” social media accounts – and how they allow you to reach out to current, prospective, and past customers to boost sales and build brand loyalists.
  • The most important marketing tool on the “human internet” – and you thought it was dead!

…  Plus you’ll learn the most important thing you need to do right now to drive all your online success going forward.  This is about giving you the exact tools and information you need going forward to give your customers the increasingly personal experience they are growing to expect.

Have you ever had a sales phone call where the person won’t stop using your name?  It’s supposed to make it more personal, but it just comes across as annoying!  Well, if you don’t do this last thing, that’s what your marketing is starting to feel like.  Good news: listen to the LIVE! with Roy interview and you’ll discover exactly how to deliver a personalized customer experience that feels genuine – and increases profits!

It’s all in this LIVE! with Roy interview…

Graham Jones on How Being an Internet Psychologist Will Grow Your Business

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