Jay White: The World’s Best Email Autoresponder Copywriter, And He Writes Like A Girl

Jay White: The World's Best Email Autoresponder Copywriter

Jay White: The World’s Best Email Autoresponder Copywriter

Meet Jay White, and you’d never imagine he’s been the secret weapon of marketing gurus like Alex Mandossian, Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker, Joel Comm, Stephen Pierce, Jay Abraham, and others.  He’s just another friendly guy from Missouri, in department store jeans and a casual golf shirt.  He prefers pickup trucks to Porches.  And though he likes to golf 2-3 times a week (minimum), he’s not “country club.”

And yet, for years Jay has been the guy the gurus call on when they need email copy that converts opt-ins into buyers.  When they want to connect with their audience in a way that builds trust and the relationship.  When they want emails that get opened, get read, and pass the reader through with no resistance into the sales message itself.

Jay’s start in writing autoresponder emails was an interesting one.  In fact, on his very first project, Alex Mandossian told him — practically in a single breath — that he was both the best autoresponder copywriter he’d ever seen, and that Jay wrote like a girl.  Listen to Jay tell it in this LIVE! with Roy interview, and you’ll discover why that was a huge compliment coming from Alex.  You’ll also hear:

  • Why emotion is absolutely critical in writing sales copy — and especially your emails
  • How to build trust with your readers and prospects — Jay’s “water cooler” technique makes this way easier than you might imagine
  • THE biggest mistake nearly every email marketer makes (and how to fix it, fast)
  • How to use weird, seemingly non-relevant stories from the news and your personal life to form deep, lasting connection with readers…  And sell more!
  • What the heck is an autoresponder?  Why is this perhaps THE most important email marketing tool?  And how do you use them?
  • Every autoresponder email has one critical goal — it’s the most important part of creating autoresponders — here’s what it is and how to do it right
  • Shortcut speed secrets to writing autoresponder copy that converts (Jay uses his formula to write 2-3 emails an hour — if not more — and they consistently wow clients and hook readers)

Jay has simplified writing high-interest, high-conversion autoresponder email copy into a formulaic process.  He’s shown countless writers and business owners how to “write like a girl” for maximum impact.  (And, if you ARE a girl or you write like one already, how you can improve results by learning to “write like a boy,” too.)

I personally have ingrained many of Jay’s techniques into my writing since meeting him and learning from him years ago.  And they’ve made me dramatically better as a writer — and a sales copywriter.  If you want to write the type of email copy that draws in readers, builds a deep connection, and has them buying from you over and over again — Jay’s interview is a must-listen.

It’s all here in this LIVE! with Roy Interview…

Jay White: The World’s Best Email Autoresponder Copywriter, And He Writes Like A Girl

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