Ken McCarthy: The FIRST Internet Marketing Expert on What You Need To Know To Succeed Online

Ken McCarthy, The FIRST Internet Marketing Expert

Ken McCarthy: The FIRST Internet Marketing Expert

In 1994, Ken McCarthy put on the first ever seminar on marketing on the internet, in the heart of Silicon Valley.  At this seminar, he covered the breakthrough technologies of banner advertising and email marketing.  He covered the importance of calculating click-through rates.  He taught that the internet is, at its core, just another medium — and in order to be successful marketing and selling online, you ought to apply proven direct response marketing principles that have worked in other media.  And he featured some of the world’s leading experts on the internet at the time, including Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, and others.

Ever since then, Ken has continued to be at the leading edge of internet marketing education, with his SYSTEM SEMINAR and other resources.

Ken was among the first, if not THE first to teach:

  • The profit potential in banner advertising
  • Applying direct marketing principles to email
  • Using sequential email autoresponders to convert website visitors into buyers
  • Pay per click marketing
  • The “new” AdWords advertising platform
  • How to find and sell to niche markets online
  • Using video for online marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • And a whole lot more!

Not only that, Ken has taught entrepreneurs how to apply simplicity to online marketing for greater success, including his First Law of Internet Marketing (the real secret to making profits online), and what you need to consider first before you even come up with an internet business strategy.

His no-nonsense approach will appeal to you if you’re trying to find clarity in all the hype around internet marketing.  And if you want to truly understand what it is that successful internet marketers do to profit, that few in business understand.

Plus you’ll learn about Steve Jobs’ product creation secrets, what you can learn about internet marketing from the old mail order industry, the “Road Repair Model” to building a successful business (online, offline, anywhere), and a whole lot more.

It’s all here in this LIVE! with Roy interview…

Ken McCarthy: The FIRST Internet Marketing Expert

Links to additional Ken McCarthy resources:

BONUS: Footage from Ken’s 1994 seminar — with lessons that still apply today!

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