Lori Haller on Direct Marketing Design for Fun and Profit

Lori Haller on Direct Marketing Design for Fun and Profit

Lori Haller on Direct Marketing Design for Fun and Profit

If you’re a direct marketer — all I need to tell you is Gary Bencivenga hired her to design his projects.

If not — telling you she did book promotions for Oprah might be enough.

I could go down the list.  Lori Haller does design for the best marketers in the business. She’s widely considered one of the most talented direct response designers working today.

And she earned her reputation the same way the best copywriters and marketers earned theirs — response.

In short, she knows the design that works in direct marketing.

I have to admit, I’m often rough on graphic designers. Largely because in image advertising, design is king and selling message (and the sale) doesn’t matter. When really, it’s not designers I don’t like — it’s this attitude.

Lori’s different. She has decades of experience in the trenches of direct response. She’s probably seen more split run test results — in more different businesses — than 99.9% of working marketers.

She can look at a marketing piece and in 60 seconds give you 5 ways you could boost response with the right design changes.

And in this LIVE! with Roy interview, she shares some of the secrets of what works in direct marketing design…

  • The most important thing a designer needs to know before they touch a marketing piece – this “common” copywriting wisdom may seem irrelevant to designers, but not if you want high response!
  • Why Lori designs as many as 20 different front pages for a direct mailing piece — and how she thinks of the cover to maximize response.
  • A live walk-through of why she did what she did in a real direct marketing control that’s still running (download link below).
  • Little design tricks to keep readers reading… All the way to the order form!
  • When readers must see something before ordering, do this — plus a trick Lori uses to send hot prospects right to the moment of truth — where they buy!
  • The secret to getting that perfect graphic or image — when you can’t find it anywhere.
  • How copywriters and designers can work together to maximize response (this is one of Lori’s clients’ secret weapons).
  • The right mental state to create breakthrough results — here’s how to get in the zone (and why Lori might not answer her phone at certain hours of the work day)

And here’s the thing. None of the guests on LIVE! With Roy are boring. But Lori’s energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for what she does is 10 clicks above the rest of us (me included). Which makes this enlightening interview also quite entertaining.

If you want to know how to make the design of your marketing pieces an asset… How to design to increase response… This interview is a MUST-LISTEN!

What are you waiting for?

Lori Haller on Direct Marketing Design for Fun and Profit

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