Tony Policci: The Secret Weapon Copywriter To The Stars

Tony Policci: The Secret Weapon Copywriter To The Stars

Tony Policci: The Secret Weapon Copywriter To The Stars

You’ve probably never heard the name Tony Policci. And he likes it that way.

Though I’m certain you’ve heard of many of his successful clients. For one, he was instrumental in the earliest high-growth years of Joe Polish’s Piranha Marketing. He’s worked personally with Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Jeff Paul, Yanik Silver, Michael Gerber, and others.  For years he was a frequent face at Dan Kennedy’s seminars, where he gave over 3500 one-on-one results-multiplying and business-transforming consultations.

He even beat the pants off a “control” sales letter Joe Polish had paid Dan Kennedy big bucks to write (he tells the story in the interview — and you’ll never believe how simple his sales piece was)!

Like the other incredibly high-caliber guests I’ve lined up for you on LIVE! with Roy, Tony really applies some very simple concepts to creating dramatic success. And these are things you can apply immediately after the call to create more effective marketing, and to grow your business fast:

  • How stealing a concept from his training as a stage actor led Tony to his secret stardom in the copywriting world, writing sales copy like an “A-lister”
  • The different way to think about your business if you want it to be more than just another J-O-B — what you need to build
  • A mindset shift that will transform your ability to get results with your advertising
  • Why Tony’s ugly, different ad in bridal magazines made his client too busy to hire him again!
  • Where to spy on your readers and prospects to get in their head — and how to use your secret ‘intel’ to sell more
  • How to cut through the clutter in an over-crowded market, differentiate yourself, and build a base of rabid fans who are ready to buy what you offer them
  • What you learn in school has nothing to do with what makes you successful — here’s the simple mindset shift that makes all the difference

One of the most important things you’ll learn from Tony is that no matter what business you’re in, no matter what you’re doing…  You’re selling to people.  Living, breathing, angry, happy, afraid, insecure, arrogant, pretty, ugly, old, young, healthy, sick people.  Unless you can get into that person’s shoes, you have no chance of getting in their heart or their wallet.  If you learn nothing else, learning how Tony does this every time he has something to write will transform your ability to create marketing that gets results.

It’s all here in this LIVE! with Roy interview…

Tony Policci: The Secret Weapon Copywriter To The Stars


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