Travis Lee of 3D Mail Results on Fun, Unique Direct Mail That Gets Attention and Response

Travis Lee of 3D Mail Results

Travis Lee of 3D Mail Results

You’re going to love this one.  Direct mail is anything but dead.  In fact, if anything, it’s the one medium left that lets you still get your prospect’s undivided attention.  At least for long enough to prove you deserve it.  And this guy knows how to make direct mail work!

On this LIVE! with Roy interview, Travis Lee of 3D Mail Results shares how to use 3D mail — sometimes called lumpy mail or dimensional mail — to get better ROI from your direct mail efforts.

  • Discover just how easy it is to send eye-catching, fun items in the mail…  And have your prospects begging for more!
  • Learn how you can bust through the clutter and send sales mail that gets 100% readership
  • How to sell to business people with 3D mail — not just consumers (Travis and his father Keith have been using 3D mail for decades to sell supplies to retail stores!)
  • Why 3D mail works — and keeps working!
  • Which campaigns get maximum ROI from 3D mail — including what to try first in any business for maximum profits
  • The cost question — the answer tells you how to lower your campaign costs, and why ultimately your per-piece rate is of minimal importance
  • Case studies!  <– what works and how to apply it in your biz!

3D Mail Results is the preferred 3D mail provider for Dan Kennedy and Glazer-Kennedy Insiders’ Circle (GKIC) — and serves businesses owners in the information marketing business and beyond.  And as Travis says in the interview — their company does’t tend to have a one-and-done customers — once marketers learn how well 3D mail works, they tend to come back over and over again.  Even making it their preferred marketing medium.  Listen up and learn how to make 3D mail work for you.

It’s all here in this LIVE! with Roy interview…

Travis Lee of 3D Mail Results

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