Joshua Boswell on the 12 Steps to Growing Wealthy, and Staying Happy While Doing It

Joshua Boswell Will Show You The 12 Steps to Great Wealth

Joshua Boswell Will Show You The 12 Steps to Great Wealth

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to get and stay wealthy — without sacrificing your health, happiness, family, or other important parts of your life — you’re going to love this interview.

Two years ago, in a Florida hotel, I sat down over breakfast with copywriter and marketing consultant Joshua Boswell.  We talked about a lot of things, but one thing he mentioned completely jumped out at me.

It was his “secret project.”

You see, Joshua’s story is a true rags-to-riches tale.  I won’t ruin it because he bares all in the interview — so you’ll have to listen for the juicy details.  But somewhere along the way, Joshua decided he was going to break the cycle.  That there had to be a better way.  That all the social, emotional, and financial poverty his family had faced growing up would NOT be a part of his life.  Which led him to the self-help niche, and greats like Napoleon Hill.  And then on to a personal study of greatness.

This is skipping ahead a few years, but as Joshua rose the success ladder, he went from simply admiring those who had built a life of abundance, to knowing many of them personally.  And over the last few years, Joshua made it his mission to sit down and interview them about where they came from, what they’d been through, and how they rose to great success.

Like Napoleon Hill who was set on this task by Andrew Carnegie, Joshua compiled what he learned.  He didn’t do anything publicly with these interviews.  Rather it was his secret project, gathering the wealth of knowledge as he went.

Now, after years of pursuit…  Years of sifting, sorting, compartmentalizing, extracting, and systematizing these lessons…

Joshua has started to share.

When I heard that he’d finally broken his silence on this secret project, I tracked Joshua down and got him to share these juicy details on this LIVE! with Roy interview…

  • The “High Definition Action System” and how super-achievers manage their time, tasks, and workloads
  • 6 important things — How a silly-simple to-do list can completely transform your self-image
  • The roots of extraordinary accomplishment…  Do you have the makings of a superstar?
  • “Planting the farm” — what you can do today, that may not look like much, that could make you rich in a few years time (you may have heard that “acorns grow to be great oaks” and Joshua will show you the acorns of wealth-building)
  • 12 definitive steps to achieving great wealth… And how to work through them in a way that keeps your sanity, happiness, and great relationships with your loved ones
  • The “exponential leap” pattern of success…  If you’ve been working at building wealth for years without the results you wanted, this by itself is reason to hold hope and belief you will still get there (faster than you may think)
  • Feel like a fraud after you’ve experienced some success?  So does EVERYBODY who out-achieves their family and peers…  How to deal with it in a way that makes sense, and that can trigger another breakthrough wealth explosion
  • The one single word that carries you through the ups and downs of the high-achievement journey…  And attracts greater success and happiness to you

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich sold millions of copies because it provided a simple and direct way to happiness and wealth.  Because of the unique way Joshua has approached discovering and sharing his 12 steps to achieving greater wealth — while taking care of all the other critically important areas of living a healthy, balanced life — I believe he will transform just as many lives.

Including yours.

Starting when you listen to this recording.

You’ll hear it all on this LIVE! with Roy interview…

Joshua Boswell on the 12 Steps to Growing Wealthy, and Staying Happy While Doing It

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