Robert Skrob: President of the Information Marketing Association on How To Build A Million Dollar Information Marketing Business, Fast

Robert Skrob: President of the Information Marketing Association

Robert Skrob: President of the Information Marketing Association

I’ve been a marketing consultant and direct response copywriter for publishers and information marketers for the better part of a decade.  And I’ve been highly-successful at it — both in terms of results generated for clients and respect and recognition I’ve received.  And yet, when I decided it was time for me to branch out and begin to build my own publishing and information marketing business, I knew there was only one place to go.  The Information Marketing Association.  Robert Skrob, with marketing legends Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, formed the Information Marketing Association to teach folks like you and me how to be successful in this business.  And I’m not talking marginally successful — rather, they show you how to build an information marketing business that can go from zero to a million dollars or more in annual revenue fast…  Sometimes in as little as 12 months.  And they have story after story of members who have done so by following the simple blueprints they provide.

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to get Robert on a LIVE! with Roy call to share some of this information with you.  And you won’t be disappointed!  Here’s just a fraction of what Robert covered:

  • First: what is the information marketing business (how is it different from publishing and other similar businesses), and WHY is it so appealing?
  • Who is this business a good fit for?  Consultants?  REAL business owners looking to share insights and experience?  Others?  <- You may be surprised by how Robert answered this
  • What a successful information marketing business looks like — including the critical mental shift between how regular businesses think about getting customers and making sales, and how information marketers think about these things
  • What to do if you’re NOT an expert — and a surprising thing Robert has found about how easy (and cheap!) it is to get experts to build your product for you!
  • What to do now if you want to build a thriving information marketing business quick
  • Common roadblocks information marketers face — and how to overcome them

Robert will blow you away with what he shares.  ALSO: he covered the three types of markets information marketers can serve, the pros and cons of each…  And who has the most money to spend on information products, and what you need to do to have them happy to spend it with YOU!  And a whole lot more than I can list here — so you’ll have to listen in!

You’ll hear it all on this LIVE! with Roy interview…

Robert Skrob: President of the Information Marketing Association

Link to try the Information Marketing Association free for 2 months:

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