Dave Sherman of Infusionsoft on Growing Your Business With Marketing Automation Systems

Dave Sherman of Infusionsoft

Dave Sherman of Infusionsoft

I’ll admit, I’ve been a huge fan of Infusionsoft for a long time.  Since well before I was a customer.  Because it’s the only marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), and sales force management software that was built — from the ground up — to support small businesses that really understand direct marketing.

So you can imagine how excited I was to book a LIVE! with Roy call with Infusionsoft’s Dave Sherman.  And yes, on the call we do talk about all the things that make Infusionsoft a one-of-a-kind software package for integrating selling, marketing, and e-commerce.  Yet the call is a whole lot more than an infomercial for the software.

We start with a quote that I heard before recording the call: “If you don’t have a system for selling, you’re the mercy of your customer’s system for buying.”  And over the course of the call, we walk through something Infusionsoft calls The Perfect Customer Lifecycle.  This is a complete and comprehensive way to look at your business such that all your marketing and selling systems are automated, optimized, and firing on all cylinders.

Even if you don’t think you need Infusionsoft today (or ever!), this call is a must-listen.  You’ll hear…

  • Why the classic process of getting customers and growing your business is broken — and what to do instead
  • How to set up systems in your business that increase sales and profits… while lowering your workload
  • What you need to think about when attracting traffic to your business — whether online, to a store, or over the phone
  • The secret to getting customers to raise their hand and say they’re interested in what you have to offer
  • How most businesses fall short before they’ve even made the first sale
  • An often forgotten contact point… where you can wow customers and get them coming back for more
  • When to ask your customer to do more business with you for maximum results
  • The hidden “7th step” that could grow your business 10% or more in 90 days or less

Plus a whole lot more!  By the time you’re done listening to this call, you’ll have a whole new view on how your customers interact with your business — plus where to improve your systems and processes to maximize sales and profits.

And if you like what you hear and would like a one-on-one demo of what Infusionsoft can do for your business — go ahead and click the link below to request your demo.

Here’s your LIVE! with Roy interview…

Dave Sherman of Infusionsoft

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